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As 2018 comes to an end, the team at Collective Possibilities would like to wish our valued clients, supporters and your families, Peace, Joy and Prosperity.

We hope that over the Christmas and new year period you take some time to relax and regenerate doing the things you enjoy with those you love.

We look forward to collaborating with you in 2019.


5 reasons taking a break is good for you (and your employer)

You cannot perform at your highest level without allowing time for rest. Here are 5 benefits of taking a break:

1. Reduce stress
When you’re in the midst of all the stresses and pressures of work it’s hard to see things clearly or rationally. Taking a proper holiday break helps give you perspective.

2. Improve Concentration
Taking a holiday improves your effectiveness and concentration throughout the rest of the year. Unwind from your everyday stresses and you’ll return with confidence, ready to face your work-related challenges.

3. Increased job satisfaction
Knowing that your employer appreciates the importance of you having some personal time makes you feel valued. It can lead to better teamwork and a boost to everyone’s morale. Work is then a collaborative effort, each employee is prepared take on each other’s roles to allow each of them to have their time off, knowing that this is what will be done for them too.

4. Have some family time
Dealing with your partner and/or children after a hard days work can be exhausting. Have a break and you’ll have some important time to bond and relax and grow as a family.

5. Improve your health
Taking a holiday is good for your health.

“Christmas is forever, not just for one day.
For loving, sharing, giving are not to put away.”
– Norman Wesley Brooks