Strategy and Planning

Review. Acknowledge. Prioritise.



Before effective action can take place, investing in developing a cohesive strategy should be completed. It’s a time to take stock, review past successes, acknowledge any failures and build a plan with clear, achievable objectives.

Collective Possibilities specialises in designing and facilitating strategic planning forums that create the space for new possibilities to emerge and help individuals, organisations and communities move their ideas into inspired action that has sustainable impact.

These sessions enable team members to more fully understand their current business or service environment, scan the horizon for future opportunities and prioritise key strategies to maximise future performance. This encourages team members to think beyond the ‘now’, expect the unexpected, build in flexibility to respond to their changing context and forward plan.

These sessions may involve:

  • Reviewing the journey of the team so far
  • Providing opportunities to renew focus and re-energise
  • Aligning the work of the team with the organisational vision
  • Creating a shared vision, engaging with the mission and determining supporting values and behaviours for the business or team
  • Review and interpret key sources of data to inform key business decisions
  • Identify strategic focus and key strategies and actions that fulfill the vision
  • Develop measures of success
  • Supporting the premise that new priorities can and will emerge
  • Creating comfort with changed and modified success factors

Collective Possibilities facilitates a range of planning and large scale visioning sessions, ranging from half and full day to weekend sessions.

Project management and policy development

There may be times when your organisation or work team needs to engage the services of an independent and highly-qualified consultant equipped with the ability to bring strategic insight and foresight to your organisation. We bring specific expertise to help you deliver projects, strategically review services or strengthen policy and planning frameworks.

Collective Possibilities is confident in our capacity to:

  • Collaborate with you in the initial project scoping process to ensure you get appropriate return on your investment
  • Undertake a comprehensive scan of the environment and legislative or policy frameworks that currently exist that will influence future outcomes
  • Provide upfront, honest and timely communication with you throughout the project life cycle
  • Plan for contingencies and demonstrate flexibility
  • Work effectively with project stakeholders to ensure shared ownership of processes and sustainable project outcomes
  • Meet project timelines and ensuring cost-effective production of project deliverables