Team Strengthening

Self-awareness. Participation. Community.



At Collective Possibilities our work is essentially all about people. How we become more personally effective, how we lead and plan for the future, how we deal with the tricky and complex problems of the now and how we work best collectively in organisations and communities.

Our team strengthening work enhances the capacity of your team. We help you build smart, dynamic and resilient teams which leads to a performance-based culture. This is best achieved by creating individual self-awareness and emotional intelligence among team members and applying these strengths to collective thinking and teamwork.

Watch this video of our facilitator Patrick Kayrooz to learn more about our approach to team development

Our programs are highly participatory and allow for a mix of individual reflection and group work, accommodating a range of work preferences.

We  help your team:

  • Clarify its purpose or refocus
  • Explore dynamics, improve communication and relationships
  • Tap into greater collective potential
  • Set goals and move towards inspired action