Coaching for Inspired Performance

Reflect. Recharge. Unleash.



Setting goals and working towards them is human nature. But often the road to their fulfillment is paved with self-doubt, perceived roadblocks and lack of motivation.

Collective Possibilities provides professional coaching to individuals to increase their workplace effectiveness, build relationships and reach their career goals. Coaching is often focused on developing a more nuanced set of competencies: the communication and relationship skills required to influence and energise employees and applying emotional intelligence to recognise and harness the potential of colleagues.

Watch this video of Dr Lindy Amos to learn more about our approach to coaching

A typical coaching program will involve 1-2 hours per month and will assist you to:

  • Activate and fine tune your self awareness, leadership capability and business acumen
  • Discover where you find yourself now – understand your role, successes and challenges
  • Envision your desired future direction
  • Rigorously reflect on your behaviour and thinking so you can create a path to make your desired future possible
  • Develop new skills and capability



Investing in professional coaching will create the clarity you desire and support you to pursue a rewarding, high performance future.