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Lindy provided a safe and confidential space to discuss complex staff and reporting issues. We often ‘workshopped’ ideas and possible courses of action. I found this approach extremely useful at a time when there was no one in my organisation providing this support to me. Lindy bought empathy and humour to often emotionally heavy topics and when it was clear I was under stress. She recognised and ‘called out’ any change to my energy levels when talking through different topics, saying things like “Did you notice that? You just sat up in your seat and got all animated when you were talking about …” this approach helped me develop better self-awareness which was so beneficial. One of Lindy’s srengths is her ability to quickly develop an easy rapport with me and a level of trust that gave me permission to engage with how I was feeling AND the confidence to act in a way which might have been outside my comfort zone. She asked insightful and probing questions and engaged with me as a whole person – not always just focusing on the ‘work’ part. She used examples from her own experience to illustrate how I could approach an issue/person. Lindy always provided honest and constructive feedback on my ideas and left me thinking and with something to act on, which I really appreciated.

Bernadette Thomas, Manager, Sustainable Environment
Hume City Council


‘I cannot emphasise the amount of compliments I received from the attendees who enjoyed reflecting, celebrating, and networking in a constructive environment – everyone is looking forward to the output package. Thank you Lindy for your tremendous and terrific effort in guiding us on this special day. You made a big day look like a walk in the park. I look forward to working with you on my next upcoming challenge!’

Fatima Mohammed, Team Leader Stakeholder and Community Relations
Melbourne Water – Water Resources Alliance


‘Thanks Lindy for a spirited workshop that challenged our sales team to clarify their vision and stretch beyond their comfort zones. You developed great rapport with our participants, and they enjoyed your style & sense of fun. I was delighted with the prior research you had conducted that enabled you to tailor the workshop content to our needs and our culture. Our sales management team are energised and motivated, ready to continue with great results thanks to your input. I look forward to working with you again.’

Lee Ahrens, Presidential Director
Nutrimetics International


‘Lindy’s engaging, inclusive, intelligent and intuitive style has been instrumental in transforming Knox City Council’s organisational culture. Her advanced skills in group facilitation, coaching and mentoring, combined with high levels of expertise enabled her to successfully engage with a broad range of leadership, people and culture issues.’

Graeme Emonson, Chief Executive Officer
Knox City Council


‘The Executive retreat was highly successful due to the program developed with you and your facilitation skills. There was plenty of time for participants to speak and not to be spoken to all the time. Drawing on your experience and keeping us on track, checking in with the group, observations of how the group was functioning and different approaches to task were all very valuable. Participants gained awareness of each other and the team. We got some direction and discussion on critical issues, had time to reflect, and had lots of fun…Well facilitated Lindy!’

John McClean, Chief Executive Officer
City of Greater Bendigo


‘Executive coaching with Lindy Amos has offered me a privileged opportunity to explore critical management themes & issues in relation to my professional roles as well as to better recognise and plan work efforts wisely. Regularly reviewing progress & events, and recognising their changing importance over time has encouraged me to be more reflective in my practice and focussed in my work. Recognising the impact of change and my role within the change process was enhanced by this process of discovery and I have developed greater professional confidence as a result. Thanks Lindy for your support!’

Mark Nicklen, Director
Mark Nicklen and Associates

‘Lindy’s coaching has been a ‘great plus’ in the development of my leadership performance. She likes to “tell it like it is” while at the same time energising me to solve a range of problems, concentrate on strengths and build self efficacy. I have found it so helpful to de-brief as well as to discuss dreams and aspirations with someone who can provide objective support. Like all good coaches Lindy provides practical tools and techniques and a strong sounding board that has enabled me to analyse and solve many work related challenges. Ultimately Lindy has helped me realise my full potential through encouragement and critical questioning all designed to improve my performance as a Manager. Thanks Lindy for your valued support and working with me, through both the good and difficult times.’

Peter Gore, Manager Recreation and Leisure
Mornington Peninsula Shire


‘I have had the pleasure of working with Ursula Corvan of Collective Possibilities on a project to prepare our organisation for accreditation. Ursula immediately lifts one’s spirits with her vibrant, positive, can-do approach. The depth of her knowledge of organisations, their styles, structures and potential issues, is highly impressive. Ursula put time into assessing the scope of our task very thoroughly and was therefore able to work very quickly and effectively. Ursula has a capacity to generate a huge amount of work in a very short time frame. Her warmth and technical competence means that she quickly gains the support and trust of all involved in the project and she is careful to involve all relevant stakeholders when necessary.’

Janet Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer
South Port Community Housing Group Inc


‘Thank you Ursula, your facilitation skills are excellent. Your personable, down to earth nature assisted the whole team to be fully engaged in the session. The feedback from the team was that your session was a highlight for them. We look forward to working with you again in the future.’

Mandy Roche, Community Development Team Leader
Knox City Council


‘Lindy’s facilitation style is personable, professional and engaging. The feedback we constantly receive from our LGPro participants reflects Lindy’s ability to make each participant feel personally immersed in a learning experience. One of Lindy’s key strengths is her ability to adapt to different audiences and to draw from the real-life experiences of those in the room. Lindy also brings great energy and a sharp sense of humour to her workshops and one on one coaching sessions which can make the most challenging discussions more ‘palatable’ and fun.’

Tony Matthews, Manager Professional Development
Local Government Professionals (LGPro)


‘We were struggling to bring together a brand new project team that had not worked together previously, and was a made up of a combination of existing staff from across the organisation and staff that were completely new to local government. The team needed to deliver a project with very tight timelines and a high community and political profile, and needed to form quickly into a high functioning, cohesive unit. Lindy was able to quickly develop camaraderie and gain the trust of staff to enable her to work effectively with the whole team in a short time frame. She used a combination of 1-on-1 interviews, group discussions and team building workshops to identify some of the team’s challenges and foster a safe environment for the team to participate in working through them and identifying resolutions. Lindy’s use of the Enneagram as a tool in this process was very effective and well received, and has since provided a useful frame of reference for team members to refer back to.’

Kim Rawlings, Manager Strategic and Economic Development
Knox City Council


‘Honesty, Respect, Professionalism, Personable – Thankyou Lindy for calling me on the things I needed to be called on! Your coaching skills have assisted me to understand myself and in doing so become less defensive and more effective!’

Coachee LGPro Ignite


‘Thankyou Lindy, your coaching is very insightful. You have a great ability to ‘pick things up’ which helps me to clarify my thoughts. Our work together is so appreciated.’

Coachee, LGPro Ignite


‘The coaching sessions have been of real benefit to me in my leadership journey. My coach is awesome, she enabled me to progress and improve my coaching and managing people skills.’

Participant Leadership Program


‘Great variety of methods to stimulate thinking and conversation – well done’

Participant, Community Visioning Workshop


‘I thoroughly enjoyed last night, the subject matter was interesting, stimulating and trail blazing’

Participant, Community Visioning Workshop


‘Collective Possibilities (both Lindy Amos and Belinda Lowing) assisted Council to deliver a comprehensive and well considered Community Engagement Plan to guide a one of our key engagement processes. In doing this Lindy and Belinda demonstrated a high level of strategic insight and consideration, resulting in an incredibly well considered engagement plan which is now providing a clear road map for this project. We have always found Lindy to be highly insightful in her approach, capable and willing and are happy to recommend Collective Possibilities to others for this type of work.’

Kim Rawlings, Manager Strategic and Economic Development
Knox City Council


‘We have partnered with Lindy on the design and delivery of a number of leadership programs and/or modules. On the design side, Lindy brings a great deal of knowledge and innovative thinking, both of which have very much enhanced the expected end result. She also has a keen eye for detail, which ensures the objectives linked all the way through the program, and that it’s the best it could be.

On the facilitation side, Lindy quickly builds rapport with participants and brings a good balance of enthusiasm and insightful thinking. She is particularly skilled at managing the participant experience so that rather than stick religiously to an agenda, if a particular area needs attention, she is able to flex her style and the agenda to ensure all needs are met. Working with Lindy is a pleasure and I have no doubt there’ll be more projects on the horizon where her skill and knowledge will be critical.’

Sarah McGuinness, Consultant Leadership Development People Services


‘Collective Possibilities was engaged to provide professional coaching, conduct strategic planning workshops and facilitate a staff conference at Wallara Australia. Lindy Amos in her facilitation and coaching roles demonstrated superb knowledge and understanding of the complex issues and change agenda that presently challenge the human services industry. Lindy’s patience, attention to detail, and evaluation skills are exemplary and assisted the organisation greatly at a critical time.’

Mark Nicklen, Former Quality Manager
Wallara Australia


‘Lindy Amos and her company Collective Possibilities, conducted a series of team strengthening and individual coaching sessions which were invaluable in consolidating and invigorating my team. I would gladly provide further information to anyone who would like to contact me.’

A.(Tony) De Fazio Manager Civic Services
Whitehorse City Council


‘Collective Possibilities conducted an induction workshop for a new committee being established by Maroondah City Council. Lindy as the facilitator was engaging, well organised and flexible in meeting our needs. Lindy successfully facilitated discussions in an inclusive manner and drew on a range of experiences which were both relevant and valuable. The feedback from community representatives, service providers and Councillors has been extremely positive and we would highly recommend her.’

Noelene Greene, Manager Community Development
Maroondah City Council


‘Thank you for your clarity on such a complex topic and tool. A wonderful, valuing, learning experience – valuing self and others individually and as a collective team. Your capacity to hold and draw out participation and key themes was highly appreciated, yet at the same time balance this with the space to explore and hold difference and to call the ‘arrows’ when they were ‘shot’ in a respectful manner. I appreciated your facilitation skills incredibly Lindy– thank you’

Participant, Understanding Myself and Others Using the Enneagram Program
Peninsula Hospice Services


‘As a result of participation in your workshops and coaching sessions, I am catching myself more and taking the time to look at my underlying motivators – what’s really going on here for me? The great thing now is that I can begin to understand why I react the way I do rather than feeling fundamentally flawed – this is such a relief and I sense a real liberation in my spirit that hasn’t been there for, well perhaps, never before realised. I am really looking forward to seeing where this leads me.’

Participant, Understanding myself and Others Using The Enneagram Program


‘Collective Possibilities brought a rich understanding of people, group dynamics, self-awareness and process to both the planning and delivery of work they did with us – they came from an enabling and inclusive perspective and demonstrated respect and admiration for the input and wisdom of the group. We would not hesitate to work with Collective Possibilities again in the future.’

Darren Ray, Acting CEO
Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)


‘Lindy was engaged to assist with the development and facilitation of a team development day. The day provided an opportunity for the team to reflect on its interaction and performance. I found Lindy to be engaging and able to assist the team develop some clear objectives to move forward. I also had some ‘one on one’ coaching with Lindy to support my leadership development. The discussion and tools provided to me in this coaching have helped me achieve my goals.’

Greg Jacobs, Team Leader Health Projects
City of Melbourne


The Shire of Yarra Ranges engaged Collective Possibilities for a community consultation project in late 2007. Your facilitator was engaging, personable and professional, who works very well with community members. The facilitator successfully navigated a clear path through often difficult conversations and provided creative input to the development of ideas and input, making sure community members felt valued and included.’

Dion Teasdale, Cultural Planning and Marketing Co-ordinator
Shire of Yarra Ranges


‘Lindy is an engaging, approachable and knowledgeable facilitator with a special ability to transfer knowledge and keep the group engaged in the learning. A fantastic program. I have been very privileged. Thankyou!’

Participant, Leadership Program


‘I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much of an impact the coaching session and the training has had on not only my working relationship with my peers but also in my personal life. This course has made me really evaluate myself as a Leader and as a person and to look at all my different relationships and how to better understand different personalities and work with them and not against them. My relationship with a member of staff that I have found challenging has improved out of sight which is helping our team moral and is making for a much happier workplace. I feel our relationship is slowly turning around as we are both making the effort to understand each others strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy having one on ones and am finding other Leaders coming to me for feedback on how they can become better coaches and leaders for their teams.’

Participant, Leadership Program


‘Lindy was magnificent! A very inspiring program facilitator and leader.’

Participant Leadership Program


‘Lindy was a highly engaging coach who assisted me by validating my experience and then working with me to jointly develop strategies so I can thrive and survive in a challenging environment.’

Participant Leadership Program


‘The facilitator had a lovely easy presence. She was very articulate and kept the energy and the focus of the group over 2 days!’

Participant, Leadership Program


‘Great facilitation style that supported our contributions and helped make the experience fun and safe. I am committed to the concept of residentials. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I did it! Thank you Lindy’

Participant LGPro Ignite


‘Lindy was inspirational and made me feel enthusiastic about being a leader in the workplace. I also appreciated the safe environment she created.’

Participant LGPro Ignite


‘Lindy delivered an organised and effective workshop. She had great knowledge, was dynamic and read the mood of the room extremely well.’

Participant Leadership Program


‘I really enjoyed the way Lindy and Paula worked together – very complimentary in their style and approaches. They had a good knowledge of subject, were skilled at reflecting back to meet my need and provided great suggestions for me to work with. It made the training enjoyable in a friendly environment, where I was pleased to see people open up about themselves.’

Participant, Understanding Myself and Others Using The Enneagram Program


‘Lindy, your listening skills were impeccable – I think you heard every word we each said today – which is so important to us. Thankyou for your very special contribution’

Participant, Strategic Planning Workshop, Board of Management


‘Already I think it has enabled me to have more ownership of some of the interactions around me. I am catching myself more and considering a response in line with my direction of integration and trying to be more mindful of other people’s perspectives, WHICH ARE JUST AS VALID AS MINE – now there’s a real ah ha – as this is something that I have said often, but not really understood or believed.’

Participant, Understanding myself and Others Using The Enneagram Program


‘I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank-you for facilitating a wonderful workshop last Friday. You did a great job of ensuring everyone was comfortable and able to have their say, while sticking to the rather tight timeline. Feedback has been positive with staff coming out feeling as if there is greater communication between members of the group’

Participant, Team Development Workshop


‘Lindy has a very personable style, she demonstrates humor and sensitivity appropriate for different levels of engagement and interest. Inclusive and thought provoking workshops. The program definitely fulfilled our objectives’

Participant, Enneagram Self Awareness Program


‘Thank you Ursula for assisting me to ask myself some hard questions and to reflect on my own self and responsibility – before looking for the solution to my problems with everyone else.’

Coachee LGPro Ignite


‘Lindy was really brilliant! She let you all get on with what you wanted to say but if things moved off track she was well able to bring it back and help us to focus!’

Participant, Management Retreat


‘The feedback session with Lindy was excellent. Lindy was very well prepared, honest and direct, she challenged some of my thinking and shared some written material with me that was very relevant. It demonstrated that Lindy had given the session individual attention. Well done Lindy’

Participant, 360 Degree Feedback, Executive Coaching session


‘The design/structure of the workshop was great – the time was just enough. In addition it was clear what we were working on for the session. The structure showed great preparation’

Participant, Leadership Workshop


Lindy has done an amazing job facilitating this program. She knows how to work the room and keep everyone focused and on task. Lindy clearly knows her stuff!

Participant, Leadership Workshop


This program has helped me realise all that I don’t know and also has whet my appetite to keep reflecting on my leadership style and improve my practice.

Participant, Leadership Workshop