Successful Facilitation

Prompt. Guide. Inspire.



One of the keys to harnessing the potential of individuals, teams, communities and organisations is inspirational facilitation. Facilitators are called upon to fill an impartial role in helping groups become more effective. The qualified, experienced facilitators at Collective Possibilities act as process guides to create a balance between group participation and results.

We believe in the inherent value of the individual and the collective wisdom of the group. Our facilitators are experienced at making a difficult process seem natural and intuitive. Key attributes of great facilitators include:

  •  Valuing people and their ideas
  • Thinking quickly and logically
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Product and process oriented


By recognising and using the unique and valuable contributions of each group member, an effective facilitator increases the collective value of the entire group and moves discussion towards a specific outcome or consensus.

Examples of where independent facilitation delivers meaningful results include:

  • Corporate leadership conferences
  • Local government planning sessions
  • Annual offsite strategy meetings
  • Community forums


Underpinning all our facilitation work is a deep commitment to fostering and promoting self-awareness and personal responsibility. We believe that these characteristics are prerequisites for healthy human beings! Helping us relate more meaningfully with others, and develop empathy for others, which is so important when we are working collectively.