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Making Sense of Team Dynamics

Ever wondered why some teams are a pleasure to be a part of and others are a nightmare? Why some teams prevail and others fail? It always has something to do with team dynamics, the implicit  and explicit ways in which teams communicate,  deal with conflict, make decisions and get into action. 

The Integrative Enneagram Team Report reflects insights and data to support teams in a shared journey of discovery and improvement. Whether your team is familiar with the Enneagram or new to the framework, this report offers a springboard for growing interpersonal and team awareness, tapping into team gifts at a deep level and, ultimately, enabling teams to express their purpose and potential fully.   


Unique Team Styles

Teams are fundamental to performance in most organisations today, and yet remain difficult to understand, align and develop. Teamwork and collaboration challenge our organisations and individual employees, requiring greater awareness of themselves and how they engage with others when there are stakeholders to please, deadlines to meet and services to deliver.

Teams aren’t born great, but rather evolve to high-performance through a set of development stages as they negotiate their shared values, priorities and ways of working together. Over time, they form a unique team style, a set of collective values, norms and beliefs that give the team a distinctive ‘character’ or ‘personality’ and guide how its members see their purpose, roles and relationships. Effective team dynamics are key to performance and each team must develop a unique contract and effective ways of working together that harness the gifts of their team style. This is where the Enneagram comes into its own, and the insights offered through the IEQ9 Team Report powerfully supports this process. There are 9 Enneagram styles which you can see in the diagram, with the corresponding team styles listed below.

  1. Disciplined Structure
  2. Relational Support
  3. Smart Effectiveness
  4. Creative Originality
  5. Technical Specialisation
  6. Risk Awareness
  7. Enthusiastic Networking
  8. Active Control
  9. Adaptive Mediation

Using the Enneagram to Develop as a Team

The Enneagram offers many possibilities for team development and we recommend that your team discuss and explore these together. Working with your Enneagram as a team offers opportunities to build deeper levels of psychological safety and trust, enabling a higher quality of collaboration, collective learning and, ultimately, performance.

Tara shares her experience of the Enneagram and using the IEQ9 team dynamics report in her organisation:

“Lindy has been amazing working with our young team in Leisure Services. Through a series of workshops and 1: 1 sessions we learnt about our individual Enneagram styles and our collective team style. Lindy  facilitated an informative, lighthearted and fun workshop environment, in what was a challenging process for some. The 1:1 sessions were almost therapeutic and Lindy coached team members to harness their strengths. Prior to undertaking  this learning journey as a team,  we were often stuck as to how to manage poor team behaviour, but once we each gained insight into particular Enneagram types, it was clear why we act the way we do. Not only this, it was also much easier to identify what support the team might need and how leadership can help in order  to move past or resolve things. Team members felt more informed,  empowered and equipped as a result of the program Lindy facilitated for us. Many team members  were impressed with the uniqueness of the approach and said it was the best team development they have undertaken at our organisation.”

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The Enneagram Difference in Business

Learn how business leaders are embracing the Enneagram and  how  insight offered through the Enneagram significantly increases  the leader’s effectiveness in building team capability.

“There is an amazing power getting to know your inner self and learning how to use it and not fight with the world. If you know what makes you happy, your personality, interests and capabilities, just use them, and everything else flows beautifully.” – Juhi Chawla