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Coaching for Inspired Performance

Welcome to the September newsletter!

This month our focus is on coaching. Setting goals and working towards them is human nature. But often the road to their fulfilment is paved with self-doubt, perceived roadblocks and lack of motivation. So how do you coach for inspired performance?

Read on for some insights and to find out how to coach for growth.

Coaching for Growth

Coaching for personal and professional development is not merely about goal attainment. Rather, it is a growth process, best served via the metaphor of a marathon rather than a sprint. Working with a coach can help us grow, mature and build our capability; finding new ways of being. To borrow another metaphor, coaching supports us with a ‘systems reboot’ for our analytic, relational and instinctual hard drives.

A little while ago I was given a copy of Bruce Mau’s ‘An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth’, and although it was developed with the creative/ design process in mind, I find many of the ideas useful. Particularly when I think about my own professional development and the role I have coaching and supporting others in theirs.

The manifesto has 43 points altogether, to see a few that resonated with and inspired me, click here.

Quotes for Inspiration

I saw this quote the other day and absolutely love it, so I wanted to share it with you:

“We have to be willing to fail – because this is courage. We have to be willing to share what we know – because this is courage. We have to step in to the spotlight – because this is courage. We have to ask for help – because this is courage. We have to try different ways of doing and working – because this is courage. We have to embrace diversity and all the difference of opinion it brings – because this is courage.” – Janine Garner

‘Lindy is an inspiring and engaging facilitator.  She challenged me to push my own boundaries, and encouraged me to reflect on my current leadership style in order to build on on my strengths and work on my weaknesses.  Lindy’s coaching sessions really helped me to set personal goals in my leadership journey, and set up strategies to achieve those goals.’

– Participant, Leadership Program