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Simple ways to nurture your emotional well-being

I’ve recently come across an interesting resource that I consider a gift, so I am sharing it with you. The School of Life, an organisation devoted to the development of emotional intelligence through culture, has recently started a new project ‘The Book of Life’. ‘The Book of Life’ is a free online resource that contains, among other things, thought provoking but short articles on a variety of challenging issues. Although I have not got around to reading the entire site (I can’t vouch for all the contents), I would like to highlight two articles that I believe will provide nourishment over the busy and sometimes stressful Christmas period.

The Importance of Staring out the Window
The issue: We live in a society where it is important to appear productive and busy. This busyness often stops us from taking the time to connect with and develop a greater understanding of our inner life.

The solution: Redefine the idea of Staring out the Window as lazy or a waste of time and instead make time for it in your daily life. We all have untapped potential. It exists within us circulating, unexplored and unused. Accessing our potential begins with us letting go of external demands, slowing down and taking time to enquire of ourselves. Our wiser self is waiting to be heard.

On Bounded and Unbounded Tasks
The issue: It can sometimes feel as though we are dealing with the same issues or frustrations in our lives again and again. It may be a big project at work that is a long way from completion or even progress, the never completed housework, our relationship with our mother-in-law or many other things. Our desire for control and completion is constantly frustrated, making calm or sense of stillness very difficult to achieve.

The solution: Find and honour tasks that, even if they are small, can be done perfectly. An example of this is the gravel gardens of Zen Buddhists, a jigsaw puzzle is another example or even weeding a garden bed. Take the edge off your frustration, give your love of perfection, control or completion a manageable outlet and enjoy the therapy of a small but perfect task.