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What does it mean to be a compassionate and courageous leader?

Compassion and courage is mobilised when the leader engages competently with their three centres of intelligence:

1.knowing (analytical): competencies include cognitive and intentional attunement, mindfulness, courage calculation, entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial zest

2.being (relational): competencies include emotional literacy, self regulation, sitting in the fire, cultivating restfulness

3.doing (instinctual): competencies include social responsibility, advocacy, negative capability, perseverance

To lead compassionately and courageously, doesn’t always come naturally. It requires the capacity to lean into discomfort. This means being comfortable with uncertainty and further, (and here’s the sticking point for both leaders and followers), demonstrating a willingness to be vulnerable. Vulnerability, as it turns out, is not something most leaders are practiced at, nor is it given much air time between leaders and followers. In fact vulnerability is the antithesis of the superhuman leader. A myth that in spite of our best efforts is alive and well. Where does this leave leaders then, when in fact they do feel unsure, when they do feel vulnerable, when they feel more human than superhuman?