Leading your people with compassion and courage through upheaval

Location. Location. Location. If you hope to support your people to adapt, evolve and grow through this time of upheaval it is critical to understand their psychological and emotional location. To map their location, I find the metaphor of sink or swim, helpful. Are your people: Sinking – having trouble keeping their heads afloat, being […]

Emotions @ Work – They are not just personal

Most weeks I spend my time in the coaching room talking to people about their inner lives. Their hopes, their dreams, their challenges and their frustrations. A thread that holds many of these coaching conversations together is that of emotion – wrestling with not having enough emotion and or having too much. It’s a struggle, […]

The Idea of Courage

The idea of Courage often conjures up the image of the impulsive heroic act, for instance, saving a person from a life threatening incident without thinking of personal safety. Courage in the workplace is rarely impulsive and is usually a thought out decision, a considered risk. Great leaders train themselves to make high-risk decisions over […]

Red Zone vs Green Zone

Where have you spent your time this week, in the Red Zone or the Green Zone? It’s a choice that will fundamentally affect everything else you do and how you approach collaboration. Your attitude will determine how you perceive the world, whether situations are safe or threatening, and influence how you respond to those situations. […]

Let’s talk about Vulnerability and the Naked Emperor

Many leaders I coach talk to me about the challenges they experience feeling vulnerable and being vulnerable as they take up their leadership roles. I can certainly relate to this feeling myself. I took a deep dive into this subject in my doctoral research and was captivated by the image presented to me from a […]

Practising Self-Compassion during COVID-19

Practising self-compassion can help you manage your response to COVID-19. These are anxious times, many of us are experiencing exponential change. We need to grapple with it, adapt and respond, and it seems all at lightning pace. And it’s tough. The virus has thrown us into a sea of anxiety and we are swimming in […]

Team Potential

This past month I have been thinking alot about potential. You may be familiar with the old adage “you have more potential than you’ll ever realise”  or you may have thought to yourself “how can I harness my potential more fully?” If you are a team manager, you may see enormous potential in your team […]

End of year reflections

As 2019 comes to an end, the team at Collective Possibilities would like to wish you, our valued clients, supporters and your families, Peace, Joy and Prosperity. We hope that over the Christmas and new year period you take some time to relax and regenerate doing the things you enjoy with those you love. We […]

The Value of Coaching

Every week I have the privledge of coaching leaders keen to develop themselves. There is always a sense of anticipation when a coaching session begins …..”what will be useful for us to focus on today?” is usually how I start, and then the coaching conversation unfolds. We spend some time reflecting on various challenges and […]